Inspired by our daughter's name "Lydia"
and the Greek word "Elia" (Olive).

About Us


We are a family of small producers, from Laconia, Greece and our olive groves are cultivated in the beautiful areas of Asopós, Molaoi and Elea.

We produce high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 100% pure juice extracted from fresh olive fruit, using traditional and sustainable farming methods.

When extracting the oil, the olives are cold pressed to make sure that the nutritional values are preserved as well as the delicious, aromatic flavour.

Our olive trees grow olive fruit of the native Greek variety named “koroneiki” which produces exceptionally high quality extra virgin olive oil with high content of oleic acid and polyphenols.

Lydelia has a strong, aromatic and fruity flavor, with a bitter and pungent taste.